Why C is So Important for Every Programmer?

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C is a basic as well as flexible programming language. It was introduced at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie during 1972-73. It was basically developed to run on Unix systems. Its demand increased during the year 1980 and now every programmer first learns this language when it enters the computer science stream. It was designed in a manner it utilizes minimum memory space and runtime to run a program.

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I know aspiring programmers must be curious to know that how is it so important or what are the features that makes this language so demanding that too not only in India but all over the world.

Here are the reasons for which C should be known by all the programmers

1. Control over memory

Programmers have the advantage of saving the memory space by intelligently allocating the memory statically, dynamically or automatically by using malloc and calloc functions.

2. Programmer friendly

Though it was designed just of the UNIX systems but later on experts found that they could run their programs in C without any obstacle to they started using it.

3. Close to OS

The best quality of C is that it is very close to the operating system which makes accessing of the memory very easy and in return makes it an efficient language.

4. Wide usage

Its use is not limited i.e. it is used in operating systems, interpreters, compilers and various drivers

5. Efficient language

Its low runtime demand and wide range utility makes it an efficient language.

6. End user applications

It is highly used for end user applications though these kinds of programs can be written in better languages but still some programmers opt for C programming.

7. Highly influential language

C language has highly influenced the newer languages such as C#, Java, Python, Perl etc.


After knowing so much astonishing reasons I am sure you will be convinced to learn C language. Which will not only give an edge to your career but will also enlighten your thoughts and views about how can a man talk to machine through commands. To learn this in a simple any playful manner, join our C institute as we have a special C course that will cover up tit and bit of this language.    

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