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The Internet is the tool of the modern era that has not only speed up the life of people but also proved to be a great means of communication and entertainment. For many people, it just means internet surfing mainly for information and browsing, but actually the internet plays a great role in the development of our country.

It helps in every field from Media to Banking, from Journalism to Science, from BPO to KPO industry sector, etc… There are thousands of websites on the internet that are serving all of the purposes collectively. A website is a bunch of web pages that are connected and joined with each other through HTML Tags.

What is a Sitemap?

While browsing you must have come across the term Sitemap. Well, a site map is the list of web pages of a web site that is accessible to its users and audiences. It can be either is in the form of a text document file that can be used as a planning tool for web design or a web page that lists the pages on a web site, organized in a specific particular manner. Sitemap helps the users and search engines to locate the pages easily and work can be done more rapidly.

Differences between a Sitemap and Site Index

There is a huge debate between the Site Index and Sitemap. Many developers think and feel that Site Index is more appropriable in usage in connection with page function. The way of presentation may vary in both (Site Map and Site Index). As many individuals prefer Site Index over the Sitemap. The main rational behind this is that a site index offers you an index form A-Z index as you can directly shift to the desired content. But in Sitemap you will see a general top-down view of the overall site contents.

Benefits of a Sitemap

While talking about the benefits of the site map it increases the proximity to get located by the search engines. With this, a site can be easily found by the search engine. Whenever a user tries to search for some information that is present on your web site, the site map will increase the chances of your website being located by the search engines. This is especially important if a site uses dynamic access to content such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.

Often it was found that  the search engines will locate only definite number of links from a particular website. And if the numbers of links are much, then the sitemap can really help you in it so that the search engines can scan your whole website.

How to Create a Sitemap?

There are two types of sitemaps for your website one is XML sitemap and other one is HTML sitemap. These sitemaps can be created in two ways either create manually or can take help from an online tool to create it. HTML sitemaps are just a plain sitemap to your visitors while XML sitemaps are useful for search engines because search engines need it to index your site.

There are some good tools available on internet to create any type of sitemap. Some of the links are given below to generate a sitemap for various websites:

Links to create sitemap for a static website:

XML sitemap generator for WordPress:

XML sitemap generator for Drupal

XML sitemap generator for Joomla

To know about the practical use of sitemap and better understanding about the same, take the guidance from the best web design and development institute in Delhi, where professional trainers will guide you about the same.

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