Some Useful Tips for UI Developers to Speed-Up Productivity

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There is a very popular saying – Time is money and money is time.

In today’s era of skills, if we talk about quality output, it totally relies upon how much time you are spending on it. You can be among the best UI developers in the world, the one with the best of best ideas. There will always be one thing which you will never have enough and that is ‘TIME’.

But absolutely time can’t be a factor only for the best quality output. We need to consider a few other points as well. One of the most vital points is related to your training. By joining an ideal UI development course one can attain essential and required skills to be among the best UI developers in the world. Let’s focus on the other essential points.

Who should read this?

Even if you are the best in your field but still everything takes time and if you are not smart enough about your work process, then you are going to take a lot of time. This blog will help you in finding out secrets of completing and delivering your UI development project on time.

Developers those are not good in delivering their project, it can be very painful. Sometimes the situation gets worse when it seems that work is never going to be finished or taking too much of time. So, let us have a look at a few points that can help you in increasing our productivity in less time.

Tips for Developers to Speed-Up Productivity

1. Plan First and Code Later

A good plan is always an essential step for any project. It is going to help you with the visualization of features that need to be developed. It will help you to devise methods on how to achieve those features. If you are having a plan, you will have more focus on the actual work. And will also have a better structure to build. Don’t over plan try to make rough plans even that is good enough. Over-planning kills productivity.

2. Break the Project into Small Pieces

Breaking a project into small pieces will help you feel the project less daunting. Try to make manageable chunks that can help you in making task management better. Assign these small chunks to every team member accordingly.

3. Hire Right People for the Work

This one is an important part. Test each team member of the team individually just to check that the work you assign suits the employee or not. Because skill gaps can make the whole team face a problem when roles are not properly defined. At the time you are assigning work to the employee, you notice that this employee is more suited for different work then just switch gears. Making changes in the early timings will not end up the potential of an employee to the wrong position.

4. Get to Know Each Team Member

Good relationship development with every team member will form a strong bond with the entire team. If you will build a relationship with each team member this will ensure mutual respect among all team members. It will also make your position strong as a group leader and the person will discuss to you in case of any issues they are having.

5. Work with Individual Strengths

Each team member of the team has their unique skills. When the team members are positioned correctly the project will run smoothly. How these individual skills will work together, this discovery is the secret key to effective teamwork. If you are leading your team then just does not get afraid to adjust the team members as you go along. And as a lead, you should build a well-oiled machine so that it can run smoothly and can give output under deadlines.

6. Use the Right Technology

If you are using the right framework and right tool it will make your life easier as a developer. So just make sure that you are choosing the right tool and software needed for your project. Like if you use to code in JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Meteor. Meteor, which is a JavaScript framework will significantly increase your productivity will be suggested to you. Use of UI framework like bootstrap can be done if you are willing to create amazing designs. Use of plugins can be done as they add extra features to your project.

7. Ensure Clear Communication

While using the direct or indirect mode of communication. Make sure that all team members are on the same page and they don’t have any question or confusion regarding that. Just make sure one thing that your team is receiving all the important emails. And each employee understands the message delivered by you as it is. Use emails when necessary. Because if any of these consequences get wrong your whole productivity can lead to delay.

8. Try Sharing Enthusiasm

As we all know that moods are infectious. Like if you are holding a positive viewpoint in your project. Your team will do as same as you did. If you find something boring, try to make it exciting. Always try to show a new angle or just try to find a new way so that the whole team will get more interested in the work.

9. Add Positivity

Always try to add some positive feedback to any negative feedback you receive. Discouraging any member of a team can tear them down. Appreciate even small achievements. And always try to motivate yourself by making your own plans and strategies. Even you can set deadlines for yourself so that you can get your task done under the timeline. Don’t give yourself that much pressure just always tries to enjoy your work.

10. Try Resolving Team Issues

If you notice that there is any big issue regarding the project. Try to find the best possible way to solve that problem. There should be a timely discussion among the team so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible. The whole team should ensure learning how to resolve software conflicts. Managing these issues effectively can lead to timely productivity.

There are many tips or can say techniques that can speed up your productivity. Few of them have been discussed above. Always try involving these few steps while you are working in a team on any project. More you will get experienced more you will be able to improve your skills.

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