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Of late, computers have become an essential part of our daily lives. From schools to workplaces, they have gained a vital position because of their numerous beneficial functions. Now a days buying groceries to booking a flight ticket, everything is done with the help of internet and computers. Computers is there in every sphere of life.

So, if the field of computers and information technology interests you, then students must opt for computers as their career destination after 10th class. There are a lot of career options in this field ranging from data entry operator to software engineer, from web designer to web developer and much more.

Several professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered in computers and IT by noted institutions as well as other private institutes across the country. Courses from such institutes are responsible for making your base strong in computers and make you work on practical problems which are faced by many professionals while working in multinational companies.

New Computer Science CBSE Classes for 11th and 12th

CBSE Computer Science classes provides a solid foundation in choosing a career in computer engineering. However, the main issue remains how to get base strong by joining computer science classes from a reputed institute where all queries of students should be answered and where in-depth advanced level concepts are covered with practical knowledge. Keeping in mind all these points, ADMEC has introduced 2 new Computer Science CBSE Courses for Class 11th and 12th. These courses will be for 1 year and following concepts/languages will be covered depending upon the class. The newly introduced computer science courses for the class 11th or 12th students can also be taken by any individuals who wants to have strong grip in C++, Python, DBMS,SQL or Networking.

Topics/Languages Covered

  • Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • Python
  • Data Structure
  • Database Management System and SQL
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Networking and Data Communication


  • Expert tutors to guide students about advanced concepts of Python, C++, Networking and Databases
  • Students will be provided study materials
  • Practical learning about each concept
  • Assist students in their project work
  • Prepare students for viva exams
  • Revisions conducted to ensure the quality of learning process
  • thorough understanding of programming
  • Assisting students in clearing any doubts
  • Cover all the exercises and questions available in CBSE books
  • Focus on practical training
  • Sharing tips on how to write effective programs
  • Practice on sample papers/previous year papers to understand the pattern of exams

India is now a major destination for IT outsourcing. There is no scarcity of IT job opportunities in India. A new report by Evans Data Corporation says that the amount of Indian developers will exceed the amount of American ones by 2018. No matter if you choose to become a Computer programmer or a Doctor, basic knowledge of Computer Science will always be an added advantage and beneficial in the long run. It is an interesting field if taught in a right way by right mentors.

For more details regarding the batch schedule, course fees and mentors contact us now and talk to our career counsellors at +91 9811818122 or email at

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