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Although we are enjoying HTML5 semantic structure tags and new JavaScript based APIs yet developers are talking about new version of it.

HTML6 specifications are in talk in the industry. Our web designing institute faculty members for HTML is anxious to introduce the training of HTML6 soon. We know HTML6 will not take so much time.

We are updating ourselves with the every new update in HTML so that we can introduce you to the advanced level training of HTML asap.

Who is Developing HTML6?

HTML6 would be really an amazing advancement after HTML5 for HTML. Although HTML5 still in development and it is not a standard yet engineers of WHATTF (Web Hypertext Application Technology Task Force) have launched a plan for HTML6 for us.

I have found the plan for HTML6 from the team of WHATTF today and decided to spread this word as earliest as possible to my visitors.

How will HTML6 work?

I know HTML6 is in very early stage but I couldn’t stop myself from introducing it to you. As per my knowledge the purpose of HTML6 is to make it on a new ISO standard i.e. OOXML (Office Open XML) specification as the serialization. In HTML6 we would be able to separate semantics from the presentations using RDF (Resource Description Framework) and XSL-FO. XML-FO is a markup language for formatting XML document and generating PDF then. In short RDF will manage presentation while XSL-FO presentation. One more important point I want to put here that now our HTML website will carry a validated semantic structure and XML Scheme will validate it.

What’s New in HTML6?

  • Backwards Compatibility
    • HTML6 will have OOXML as the serialization, so all OOXML implementations of today will be able to parse HTML6 without errors.
  • Better and Easy Migration
    • All HTML6 developers will be able to convert their old HTML4 documents into HTML6, and vice-versa with the help of XSLT style sheet.
  • Ready for the Enterprise
    • Thanks to XSLT and GRDDL, mapping the over-the-wire OOXML data to the RDF/XSL-FO model will be trivial. This approach gives the best of both worlds: While OOXML provides compatibility for entry-level applications; the RDF/XSL-FO-based architectural model integrates with the enterprise-strength backplane for rich applications.
  • Integration of Web Services
    • XML Schema provides for binding with SOAP-based web service.

Our institute’s team is committed to introduce you to the every latest news for latest version of HTML.

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