Operators help in conducting some operations and adding logics in JavaScript. Operators are the foundation to prepare any expression in JavaScript. According to MDN there are 10 categories of operators but I will talk about only essential and very useful operators. JavaScript has unary, binary and ternary operators and it depends on the number of...
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jQuery is the most popular JavaScript’s library in the world. It has tremendously simplified the way of coding in JavaScript for developers. In this post you will be reading about jQuery’s selectors, filters, effects, css, and event APIs. API stands for Application Programming Interface means we have to use very simple methods which are called...
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Hi, my name is Dilip a student of web designing course in this institute. It was our first class of JavaScript today by Ravi Sir and feeling very happy so I decided to share with you whatever I learnt in this class. I hope my efforts will help you in learning the basics of it. Let me make one...
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1. What is JavaScript? Answer: JavaScript is a general purpose clientside object oriented programming language. Through JavaScript you can make your programme dynamic and interactive by adding various logics and behaviours in your web page. It is a case sensitive, event based, and dynamic type language. Today it has more than 50 popular frameworks for various...
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What is jQuery and why web designers use it? jQuery is a lightweight, “write less, do more” JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. What are jQuery selectors? jQuery selectors are used to select html elements based on their id, class, element type, attributes, and many...
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Hi, I am Abhishek Ranjan a web designer working in a company in Delhi and studying UI development and responsive website designing in this institute to excel my knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap to the advanced level. What is Form Validation? Form validation is the process of checking that a form has been filled in correctly...
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jQuery is a widely used JavaScript library. It helps in simplifying HTML DOM tree traversal as well as manipulation. Its syntax is capable of navigating through a DOC, elements of DOM, creation of animations, handling events as well as developing of Ajax related applications. It is of great use in building dynamic webpages. Have you...
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jQuery is seriously a magic library of JavaScript for web designers or UI developers. There are more than 90% of websites that have got implemented jQuery for various css effects and interactivity. Although jQuery has many topics to be known to its programmer yet I decided to explain events in jQuery first. Events in jQuery are some types...
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Hey friends through this blog, I would like to brief you about common web designing and development languages used in creating a website. Here I will be providing more elaborative view with a clear distinction between what is a server side and client side language. Web design & development constitutes the three sections of web site...
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jQuery is such an easy and wonderful library to use in web pages to add interactivity and animations. Its CSS APIs are one of the most important APIs of jQuery. Animation and design related tasks are created by these only in jQuery. Do you face problems in using CSS functions or APIs of jQuery then...
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