Students' Reports

Through this page reports can be easily accessed from anywhere by students and their parents. These files will be updated every month so that they can check their attendance and performance status both.

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Why These Reports?

An effective status report is a document which displays the overall status of students comprising of their performance and attendance report. The performance report will display the grades in software, sketching, and various extracurricular events.

Attendance report will display the numbers of days present and absent for a particular month.

This page is not only beneficial to monitor the status of students but will also be helpful in improving their overall performance for the future. We also give “best student award” every month to a student on the basis who have scored well in these two status files respectively.

Criteria of Performance Status Report

  • Excellent StudentsOutstanding performance in all categories
  • Good StudentsSufficiently good performance
  • Average StudentsNeed improvement in the performance
  • Poor StudentsUnsatisfactory performance

Criteria of Attendance Status Report

  • Good60% Above
  • Need Improvement40 to 60%
  • UnsatisfactoryBelow 40%

Report structure

New students and on leave students are excluded from both the list for this month and the attendance report is based on the institute’s working days only.

Best student of the Month

Your nominations for ‘Best Student of the Month’ will be affected with these reports so make sure you give your best.

Something missing?

If you feel we missed out on something or want to share something, contact our admin between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Students life at ADMEC

We are excited to become a part of a student’s life. Our students are our extended family and besides teaching, we also provide some basic facilities to our students so that they can concentrate on their studies without any hassles.

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