Sargam Jain

Sargam Jain Feedback for Graphic Design Training at ADMEC
Freelancer, Multimedia Graphic UI Designer

Sargam Jain

Course Taken: Graphic Master Plus

Creating good designs doesn’t start from any software; it start from your creative ideas and that’s what I learnt at ADMEC.

Learning Experience of Sargam at ADMEC

Hi! This is Sargam Jain.

I enrolled in one of the graphic designing courses offered at ADMEC. It was Graphic Master Plus, a one year diploma program that I completed a few years back. My course was full of creativity and design inspiration. I’ve really learnt a lot about design industry and visual grammar.

I was taught all the important software of designing industry such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and many more. I also learnt HTML and CSS which was quiet different but interesting. I’ve done all the assignments and completed all of my projects under the supervision of my mentors.

I was also a part of Annual Design Competition of 2016 and won the best team leader award. It was really a nice learning experience.

Thank you each and every faculty members for guiding me throughout my course and achieving my goals.

Course Taken: Graphic Master Plus
Profile: Freelancer

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