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Creating a photo album or video project of any kind is a long process which consists of numerous significant phases, and image and video editing process plays an important role while creating the final cut of your project. One of the most fundamental step in any video production is video editing segment so same for image editing. After having all your footage and audio recorded at one-time, next task is to edit it and make into something manageable. The course will ensure that the students will comprehend and to learn the overall concept of editing and the way they relate to each other. This is the significant part on how to use different types of electronic post-production equipment currently available in the market. The student can opt for various video editing courses in Rohini is prepared to handle through systematic training, the ever-changing tools used within the process of video editing

Diploma and Certificate Courses Offered

Students at ADMEC, one of the premiere image and video editing institute in Delhi are trained professionally and also artistically so that they can think what part of the movie should be included or what part should be excluded. We offer job oriented and professional training on the latest video editing software such as FCPAdobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Students will get trained on basic to advanced level techniques of both editing which are used for film, televisions, and album making by photographers and studio artists. ADMEC was established in 2008 and since then it has trained several students through its rigorous and excellent teaching methodology to shape their career in the field of video editing. We are prominent name in the field of providing top-quality courses and students can really trust upon us.  

  • Adobe Premiere Pro- 2 Months

It is a short-term certificate course which provides a deep insight into the working of the most competent, scalable and well-defined video editing software which lets users easily import and merge numerous types of media formats to edit videos/audios from a cinematic Camcorder to a mobile phone. This course will also cover numerous tips and techniques and important concepts like dynamic trimming, keying, multi-camera editing, tapeless media, color correction, and audio-visual effects.

See comprehensive course details: Adobe Premiere Pro Master

  • Adobe Lightroom – 2 Months

It is also a short-term certificate course which will teach you how to use the application covering all the features. After completion of this course, you’ll become a pro in editing your photos in Lightroom. You’ll not only acquire how to set up Lightroom, but make sure how to utilize your time to bring out some fruitful results and you’ll have the confidence that you’re not going to lose your images.

See comprehensive course details: Adobe Lightroom Master

  • Adobe Photoshop – 2 Months

Photoshop is also a short-term certificate course which will cover you how to use the application covering all the image editing, image manipulation, and lay outing features. End of the training, you’ll become a pro in editing your photos and preparing albums.

See comprehensive course details: Adobe Photoshop Master

  • Adobe After Effects – 2 Months

Do you want to master the art on how to use video effects and create custom motion graphics? If yes, then this course is the right choice for you. After Effects is a robust tool and our course will teach students how to implement all basics to advanced level techniques in their projects, starting from working with shapes, text, and textures to video effects, transitions, and 3D camera.

See comprehensive course details: Adobe After Effects Master

  • Photo Editing Master- 3 Months

This certificate course in photo editing will make students understand the importance and learning various techniques using latest industry-relevant applications related to image editing. It will teach students all the concepts like changing backgrounds and colors, capturing your digital image, digital scanners, digital renovation, digital image manipulation.

See comprehensive course details: Photo Editing Master

  • Final Cut Studio Master – 3 Months

This course will make you learn about the user interface, preferences, and helpful shortcuts. It will teach you how to add media, including adding media from a camera and SD card, importing video from tape, and working with archives. It will teach you how to keep your clips organized, as well as teach you editing essentials such as adding clips to the timeline, performing a batch edit, and lifting and overwriting clips.

See comprehensive course details: Final Cut Studio Master

  • Final Cut Pro X Master – 2 Months

This course will cover everything starting from setting up your preferences, organizing and planning your projects, importing your source material, to setting up your project. Students will also learn Ripple edits, replace editing, three-point edits, even editing and managing your audio. This course will then bring the fun with transitions, filters and matts. You will create titles and add text and even animations to your video.

See comprehensive course details: Final Cut Pro X Master

  • Post Production Courses – 04-18 Months

Gain a competitive edge in one of the fastest evolving and multi-million-pound industries worldwide – post production. ADMEC offers a variety of short-term and long-term certificate and diploma post production courses for careers in film, television and new media. Students will aim to provide an integrated overview of film and television with emphasis on direction and production. They will receive a working knowledge of scheduling and budgeting as well. Students will get an opportunity to be part of workshops, field trips and guest lecturers.

Go through comprehensive course details: Post Production Courses

Who will be your trainer?

If you want to learn creative skills, from absolute beginner to advanced level, then our industry experienced mentor – Mr. Deepak Bhadauria will help you succeed that. Each course has been designed by him as per industry standards which will teach a specific skill. He is passionate about acquiring new skills and keeps updating himself from time to time. More than a decade now he’s been delivering quality training in Motion GraphicsVisual EffectsVideo and Audio EditingGraphic Designing3D AnimationPost Production. For him teaching is just not a profession, it is about conveying knowledge. He will show you how to work like a professional and live the life you dreamed of. Make your world better today with new skills and a right trainer!

Career Options in Video Editing

Career of a video editor start as a runner before moving to a position as an assistant editor. They will work for 3-4 years before becoming a qualified editor. In post-production or broadcasting companies, career will start from a digitizer or assistant editor to senior editor. Bigger companies provide well-structured career paths. Skilled in-house editors may eventually move to management roles.

Image, Film, and video editors are employed by:

  • 2D and 3D Animation Companies
  • Broadcasting Firms
  • Film Making
  • Independent Production Studios
  • Post-production Facilities
  • Video/computer Games
  • Colour Labs and Photo Studios
  • E-commerce Brands
  • Publishing Houses etc.

Some post-production companies and big independent companies offer long-term contracts and employ a few editors in-house. Broadcast and film companies employ their own editors or people who can work as freelancers. As, per BLS Report, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), film and video editor employment were predicted to increase one percent between 2012 and 2022.

Video editing is an integral part because it is process of unification of images and sounds to make us feel emotionally connected and sometimes truly there in the film we’re watching. It’s a safe assumption to say that video editing is among the most important jobs in the film industry. With professional video editing training, you will not only be able to create an emotion-evoking masterpiece and different video editing projects, but it can make or break your film, which is why it’s just as important to choose the right video editor as it is to choose the right camera equipment.

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