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In a video, visual effects and composting are the most striking parts. It not only attracts spectators because of the effects and but also keeps them attached to the motion pictures. After effects courses will boost and elevate the artistic and technical skills which can make you a pro in composting and visual effects fields. The foremost benefit of pursuing these professional and job-oriented courses is that individuals will learn and enhance their skills, as the course curriculum will not only cover latest industry trends but also help you in developing both artistic and technical aspect of uniting images and how to create the live footage in Visual Effects.

Why Learn Adobe After Effects?

With the advent of new software coming in the market with a variety of new features, Adobe After Effects is one software which is specially designed to make great videos. It is largely used for movie production or can say for “behind the scenes”. Some of its features which makes it more preferable than the rest are: –

  • It is very easy to operate and offer good professional quality videos.
  • It is one of those important tools that can assist you turn your video from an unprofessional to professional quality video and thus makes it the best tool for the video production.
  • It can provide high-quality visual effects. With the help of this tool any unrealistic film can be converted into an authentic film. Turning any home video or movie clip into a standard edition with a little added flair can be done using this software. It is designed to provide sharper and cleaner look.
  • It can allow you provide character magical powers. This tool can remove the elements that require to be ignored in a film. You can crop, enhance images and also improve the sound quality.
  • Another common use of After Effects is building great looking intros for a video.
  • It supports parenting. With this, users will work for both parent as well as child layers. The child layer will automatically inherit any transformations that are applied to the parent; this includes anchor point while still retaining its very own local animation.

Pre-requisites to Join After Effects Courses

Adobe After Effects will teach you how to use this software to unleash your creativity. As such there are no major or-requisites are required, but to enroll for the course, you need to have

  • the basic working knowledge of computers
  • the knowledge of editing terminologies will always be an added advantage for the applicants

Main Objective of Adobe After Effects Classes

The main objective of the attending After effects classes is to build up the examination of both visual and tangible skills in order to design creative processes. The main motto of the learning session is to develop visual observations through drawings, storytelling, camera, lighting etc. Adobe After Effects classes will help you learn expert level skills in the application. Students will learn important concepts like rotoscoping, color correction, expressions, keying, stabilizing and tracking. They will also get an opportunity to work on live projects and implement wire removal part. Apart from this, they will also study of motion of the camera and shooting against camera.

Topics Covered in After Effects Courses

Some of the important topics which you will learn or make projects on as a part of Adobe After Effects course curriculum are as follows: –

  1. Logo Animation
  2. Whiteboard Animation
  3. Slideshow animation
  4. Kinetics Presentation
  5. Corporate Presentation
  6. Motion Poster
  7. Chroma Cutting
  8. Compositing
  9. Rotoscoping
  10. Tracking with Camera Tracking
  11. Motion Graphics
  12. 2D and 3D Text Animations
  13. Match Moving
  14. Color Grading
  15. Stereoscopic

Know Your After Effects Trainer

Every student before enrolling for a course would like to know about their trainers. It also helps in taking a firm decision. Mr. Deepak Bhadauria is one of the senior most faculty at ADMEC Multimedia Institute and delivers quality training courses for Graphic Designing, Motion Graphics, Post Production, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Video Editing, Audio Editing etc. He has more than 15 years of experience and have worked with many notorious Advertising Agencies and Production Houses. He also conducts various workshops and special classes on these subjects in the institute and corporate offices. He has been a helping hand for numerous students in building a bright career and achieving their goals.

Adobe After Effects Projects Created by ADMEC Students

Projects are an easy way to integrate knowledge and creativity into learning and assessment. One of the major advantages of project work is that students will get to know how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool/software for the task. It will also help students to become independent workers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners which will play a vital role at the time of doing a job. ADMEC always ensure that students create their own project for every single tool/software they learn as per the course curriculum. Some of the projects developed by students are: –

1. White Board Animation

In this project work, a simple yet a powerful whiteboard animation is created. Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer images being drawn on the screen, accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story. It is a motion graphics work done in After Effects classes under the guidance of our mentors. This video depicts how ADMEC is a complete finishing school in 5 steps.

2. Corporate Presentation

Above example is a perfect elegant and professional presentation or corporate video made in After Effects classes. Corporate Presentations are an exceptional way of communicating and building the brand image for a company. They are used to promote any product, service or to simply tell something essential about a company. It is designed for high-energy company openings which are feature-rich and make an impactful introduction to your business.

3. Motion Graphics Compositing

Motion graphics is the use of footage or animation to create the illusion of motion, transformation and other effects. In simple words motion graphics are images that can move. Whereas, compositing is the process of combining visual elements from separate sources into single images, with the intent to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene and Live action shooting. In this project, a beautiful scene has been created using motion graphic compositing in After Effects.

4. Slideshow Animation

An animated graphic can be any graphic element that depicts​ movement.  Visual effects applied to individual items on a slide—or to an entire slide—in presentation software are called animations. With the help of Adobe After Effects, students created wedding slideshow animation, where they have learned how to perfectly mix a bunch of photos with a couple of soundtracks.

5. Video editing with text animation

Adobe After Effects provides customization capability on text animation like no other software does and a preferred choice by most of the video editing professionals. This beautiful piece of work is created by our students where they have edited a video “ Jag Ghoomeya” and added Virat and Anushka pics along with lyrics of the song.

Why Join After Effects Classes from ADMEC?

Nowadays many online and offline institutes are providing a variety of adobe after effects training. But only few of them are offering the option to customize the course as per their requirements. ADMEC Multimedia is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute which offers training in various modes like classroom, online, regular, weekday, fast-track and weekend modes and that too at affordable prices. You will also get the option to customize your course and start from basic to advanced level as per your convenience.

After Effect course is considered as a great substitute to enhance the skills required to edit a wide variety of videos and creatively enhance the video appearance. You will get both theoretical and practical knowledge during these courses along with an opportunity to implement these skills on live projects. Some of the key factors which makes us stand apart are: –

  • In-depth knowledge on all the tools and effects available in the tool
  • Training from industry experienced experts
  • Comprehensive course content as per industry standards
  • Free special classes and workshops by veterans on regular intervals
  • Free art and sketching sessions
  • Free professional development program
  • Free portfolio and resume development
  • 100% Job support till the time you don’t get placed in your dream job

Adobe After Effects is the leading choice for motion graphics, compositing, and animations in the video world. It can also create 2D and 3D layers and effects and simulate particles like fire, rain, etc. and even be used for color correction and add music to a project.  This product is ubiquitous among those who work with video and has even made its way into Hollywood films like Iron Man 3. If you want to learn how to do amazing VFX (Visual Effects), then enroll for after effects classes today! It will give you the all building blocks that will allow you to start using this application to create your own stunning special effects and carry out video correction. To know more explore our Post Production courses.

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