Top 10 Tips for Successful Graphic Designers while Learning Photoshop

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Photoshop is a software which has connected our imagination with reality. It means to edit the images, firstly used by the Adobe Photoshop, a graphics editor developed and published by ADOBE Systems Inc. for MAC OS and Windows.

Today it has become a center of creativity for all domains where it is graphic designing, web designing, animation, photography or digital magazine designing. It’s being considered as one of the widely used photo editing software. It allows users to manipulate, crop, re-size and to correct the colors of digital pictures. It is mostly used by the professional photographers and graphic designers. Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor which can edit and compose raster images in multiple layers. It supports alpha compositing, masks, and several color models including RGBCMYKLABSpot ColorDuo-tone etc.

Top 10 Tips of Successful Graphic Designer

So these are the simple tips and tricks which every user must know about to have a great start on the journey of learning Photoshop.
Through these tips and tricks one can easily become a Photoshop Master in very short duration.

1. Follow The Tutorials
All these tutorial sites are such valuable resources that help to improve the skills whether you’re looking for a specific skill to learn or in general.

2. Experiment
The best way to learn anything new is to experience it. Free vast experimentation opens the door of creativity and helps to get comfortable with the software. Photoshop has so many tools to experiment with which produces different results each time.

3. Memorize All Keyboard Shortcuts
There is a trick to learn the short-keys. Think a visual of that clears what it is and how to use it like for brush tool B flashes the brush palette in mind. Memorize them according to the priority level.

4. Try to Replicate Others Work
This is the proven valuable learning experience which helps to see how much one could accomplish things which works in real world. With own experiments in design try to duplicate the famous designs to know ones capabilities.

5. Do Participate in Design Competitions
Entering into competition develops confidence to challenge your own skills and brings fun at the same time. It gives the opportunity to present best out of someone to create something specific which is being judged by others.

6. Subscribe to Online Galleries
Online galleries in which various artists display their fantastic work presents an excellent source of inspiration. These are great to quickly browse large amount of new designs and so to subscribe to have constant updates.

7. Smart Objects for Smart Designers
As the name say it all. Smart objects edit the objects by performing these 2 functions i.e. performing nondestructive transforms and filtering. This feature is much handy when heavy graphics are used like stock photos, social media icons etc.

8. Scaling Artworks and Proportions
To scale any art and make proportions is very much common in any designing. Without these the design could impact hazardous. So this is must to keep in mind about the proper scale, or width to height ratio.

9. Use Actions to Personalize Work
One of the most productive tools in Photoshop is actions. To reduce the repetitive exercise of doing same thing over and over again, record those steps with actions and run with one click where necessary.

10. Organize the Files Properly
Maintaining files is a great achievement for a good designer as it leaves a good impression on people. By doing this it creates a structured and organized file which helps to identify the key points of each and every section or group.

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible tool to use for graphic design but there is a lot to learn for the beginners and always more for those who are the experienced ones.
Apart from tips and tricks one should also join any best Graphic Design Institute which furnishes highly specialized training from industry professionals. An ideal institution which offers promising graphic design courses can make a clear path for an aspirant. To make a better future one need better guidance and support.

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