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Summary: Top 6 Covid-19 precautions designed differently by graphic designer Maaz Afzal.

Amid this tough time that has come to worldwide, everything has become stagnant. COVID-19 or Coronavirus has taken over almost the whole planet. But we should look for something positive even in the worst conditions of our lives.

Every profession is adapting some new ways in which they can help this pandemic as well as they could also work along with this. As we all know, there’s always an alternative to every problem and we need to work on that.

So is the case with the graphic designers. Though they are the ones who used to sit in funky and relaxing places and think of outstanding ideas. But, now they are at their homes and still they have to be productive and innovative.

This time is teaching something to everyone. In the same way, it is teaching designers about the rules that they should also always apply in their every artwork and with the help of that artwork we are trying to teach you the way to protect ourselves in this dangerous situation which is only possible if we follow Covid-19 precautions or rules.

Creativity of graphic design and the mastermind

We never thought or had the idea of applying and using graphic design parallel to the rules/safety majors for pandemic like COVID-19. Graphic designers are called creative because they easily relate this world with anything with the help of their broad imagination.

Thus, this amazing blog content has been planned and presented further to all of us.

COVID-19 precautions designed in a creative way by Maaz Afzal

Rule 1: Increase SOCIAL kerning and tracking

Increase Social Kerning and Tracking

Yes, graphic designers should use fonts with proper distance. There should be proper kerning as well as tracking because it keeps the text appearance clean and better.

Alike this, in COVID-19 one should follow the rule of Social Distancing. With the proper distance, we can keep ourselves healthy and happy. Since this is the only way we can break the chain and hence the spread of the disease.

Rule 2: Embed yourself in your HOMES

Embed yourself in your homes

Graphic designers embed their fonts and images to avoid unwanted changes in their designs, so in the same way we need to embed ourselves in our homes to avoid virus spread or enter in the way. Being embedded inside, no external factor can affect us as well as no one should break the rule of going out of that box.

Rule 3: Avoid CONDENSED layout

Avoid Condense layout

In a graphic design like everything should be at such a distance that they look appealing to the eyes and seem meaningful.

In the same way, in this deadly virus, even if you are at home you have to be at a proper distance. Condensed in above line mean to avoid closure with our loved ones if we want them safe and healthy. This is the best way in this pandemic to show our gratitude to our family.

Rule 4: Keep artboard CLEAN

Keep Artboard Clean

In designing, you have to keep the artboard clean as well as organized such that everything seems pleasant. If you will work in an organized way then, I am sure you will get the desired result. But, if you will not make everything organized as well as clean on the artboard then it will become clumsy.

Similarly, as a COVID-19 precaution, you need to be neat and clean. You need to sanitize not only yourself but also your home. Need to always sanitize your hands or wash them for 20 seconds after some time.

Teach little kids and elders too to keep them safe even if they play, eat, sleep and touch anything because kids and elders more than 55 years are more sensitive to this virus.

Rule 5: Use of clipping MASKS on face

Use of Clipping Masks on face

In designing, clipping masks makes everything easy as well as sorted. It is of great help while creating a collage.

In COVID-19, it is advised that whenever, you go out to use a mask or clip mask on your face, so that neither you get infected nor the other people get affected. You should especially use this even if you have virus-like symptoms or not. Not only face but hands and head should also be covered as this virus can affect and stick on any of the body parts.

Rule 6: Regular use of SOAP filter on HAND tool

Regular Use of Soap Filter on Hand Tool

See, how brilliantly Maaz Afzal presented the concept of soap filters + hand tool. The image clearly shows that it is really essential to wash your hands with soaps and sanitizers to protect yourself from coronavirus.

We are habitual of frequently touching our face and body so it is important specially keep our hands sanitized.

Tips for Graphic Designer during lockdown

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In a designing way, filters work outstanding with the tools that consequently make the design mind-blowing.

Project by Maaz Afzal, founder/brand identity designer at Pen28 Creatives

Hence, this creative and informative blog shows us how smartly our designers work and so does we need to act smart to keep us safe, immunized and healthy.

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