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An eye gobbing poster is all it takes to initiate the interest in us for a movie. A movie poster is the first thing which creates the excitement among the public and it has to be astonishing.

When we see the Hollywood movie, one thing that first strikes in our mind is that who all are the magical persons behind the scene for creating all time favorite and best design memorable Hollywood movie posters.

How do they create an iconic movie poster? Does the presence of any Hollywood movie star make a movie poster iconic or is there some other answer hidden behind the scenes?

The Creation of ‘Masterpieces’

Building creative and out of the box poster designs is an essential marketing move for promoting a movie. An iconic movie poster is one that has hit the heart of millions of people. 

The designers behind all those marvellous movie posters know the secret element to capture the audience’s attention. Designing movie posters is an art which is as old as the film-making process.

Artists behind the art

A successful poster designer knows what all goes into the creation of an iconic movie poster. There are several principles involved in the designing of movie posters and sticking to them will definitely produce stunning results.

There are some designers who have captured an entire cinematic experience in their poster.

Here, I am mentioning one of the most inspiring examples of posters designers from Hollywood films.

1. Tom Martin

Tom Martin is a veteran personality of Hollywood who has spent more than 30 years creating splendid posters, billboards, covers.

A great art director responsible for presenting his glimpse of his world through his best work and some of his best was reflected in ” Jurassic Park, Do the Right Thing, and Schindler list.

Martin Hollywood movie posters give an insight of techniques used in posters from 1980 through the present, while his paper work in art reflect different digital compositions used for designing Hollywood movie posters.

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2. Saul Bass

Saul Bass Poster Design
Saul Bass Poster Design

He was one of the most accomplished Hollywood poster designer in the 20 century known for creating one of the most aesthetic, clean and thoughtful posters for the movies.

He design posters in such way that speaks to people in a way that they can understand a old thing in a new manner. He had designed such posters that touches people heart.

He was the man behind design communication i.e communicating through symbols.

His best work was best seen before his death in movies- Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991), The Age of Innocence (1993).

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3. Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski Poster Design
Tomasz Opasinski Poster Design

He is an renowned graphic designer who is actively involved in the Hollywood industry professional whose posters design guidance is helping several students to shape, inspire, and propel students into the world of design.

He is known as the father of Photoshop and emphasis on creating a design that is symbolic of something.

The most important point on which his theory of designing is based is not directly or indirectly related to Photoshop essentials or technical aspects of the design process, but the main crux behind creating Hollywood movie poster design is conceptual thinking which makes Bollywood movies poster memorable.

He has also created his own website.


4. Noriyoshi Ohrai

Noriyoshi Ohrai Poster Design
Noriyoshi Ohrai Poster Design

He was a great Japanese Illustrator whose name was not so popular and not known to people but he got reorganization because of his great work in the Hollywood movies -Godzilla, Goonies, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series — a precursor to Dynasty Warriors, and Metal Gear Solid etc.

He got world wide fame because of his extraordinary talented art work done by him for the international movie Star Wars(1977) poster.

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5. Nicholas Alexander Barbera (Barbeanicolas)

Nicholas Alexander Barbera Poster Design

Nicholas Alexander Barbera

She was a great illustrator responsible for giving us a glimpse of horror, fantasy, crime, and thriller in her Hollywood movie posters.

Her lifetime best work was seen in Hollywood movies like Batman series, Lord of the Rings, Back to the future part 2, Birdman-2 (2014), Avengers age of ultron, and Alien etc.

The design created by her for T.V show Dracary is the most frightened poster ever created.

More Designs:

6. John Alvin

Since 35 years, John Alvin has been making iconic and signature movie posters and has made a special place in the American cinematic world.

He has made posters for more than 135 movies and has worked with some of the prestigious film studious like Disney Studios, Warner Bros etc

Some of his notable work include E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Lion King, Rain man and Star Wars.

7. Akiko Stehrenberger

Known as Poster Girl and a recipient of 15 CLIO awards, she is an outstanding and steller poster designers. This list will be incomplete without her name.

In a career span of 15 years, Akiko has created some iconic designs and tries to communicate with her viewers. She is a poster designers first and then an illustrator who has mastered the poster designing industry.

Some of his notable work include: Funny Games, After the Storm, Honey Boy etc.

Author’s Note:

We are living in an era where everyone is designed “oriented” and “centered”.

People get too much attracted and influenced by the “I” factor (Images) that are real and touches their hearts.

I think after reading this blog, you will throw yourself into the world of Hollywood posters designers which will raise your level of thinking in designing a poster and will give you a call to perform an action like this as they have done in designing all these Hollywood movie posters.

Learn more about the digital design software that are essential to create poster like these with us. Check out our Graphic Design Courses and ace the fundamentals.

Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring!

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Best Poster Designers for Hollywood Films

Best Hollywood poster designers from Ravi Bhadauria

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