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Competing for rankings isn’t going to get you anywhere in 2019. Nearly every person in your niche is doing the usual technique of focussing on keywords. This technique is not just old but is no more efficient. Competition is going to be ouch with each passing year. So, what is your strategy to rank at the top position and also bring regular traffic from Search Engine Optimization techniques in 2019? Learn the latest SEO techniques.

In order to prosper as a digital marketing expert or an online entrepreneur, you require to know about just how to market your website or store on organic search. We have prepared a list of the 10 best SEO techniques in 2019 which followed properly can make your website rank higher.

1. Write at least 1890 words

Write at least 1890 words

After doing an in-depth evaluation, it has been found that websites having content more than 1,890 words will come in the first pages of SERPs. This suggests that long content will most probably result in higher rankings in search engines. If your content is > 1890 words (with relevant keywords), then the probability of ranking on the first page would be high.

2. Create SEO optimized landing pages

Create SEO optimized landing pages

A well-designed and structured landing page can boost your sales along with lead generation. The more landing pages you create, there will be more gateways for inbound search website traffic. Sadly, very few B2B firms totally understand the importance of using specific landing pages to capture new users.

3. Use LSI keywords to outsmart Google

Use LSI keywords to outsmart Google

While LSI keywords are no easy to search, there are numerous tools like LSI generator, Google associated searches and a lot more are available. In fact, you shouldn’t simply find a keyword phrase, rather, it’s better to focus on LSI keywords as Google desires you to. Websites with structured content now get leverage in Google rankings.

4. Link to relevant and authority websites

Link to relevant and authority websites

Everybody wants their websites should rank higher in SERPs and it is done by getting high-quality backlinks to the website. The more backlinks a site will have, the greater its DA will be. More DA of a website will result in more authority.

Suppose if 2 websites are competing for the exact same keyword, same sort of content along with excellent web traffic, then which one will out of the two ranks higher according to you?

The web site having numerous site visitors will rank higher for a specific keyword. If the website has backlinks coming from numerous high DA websites, it will certainly have a higher ranking in SERPs.

5. Priority should be given to customers choice and use it in content

Priority should be given to customers choice and use it in content

Do you know voice search is transforming the means we market online? Practically 80% of mobile voice search to get results. In 2019, searches for voice are going to boost. So, as a Search Engine Optimization expert, can do to rank higher for SEO methods?

Simply make a list of words your consumers enter to look for information. Create a buyer persona appropriately and afterward target them with those words in your content.

6. Do competitor analysis cleverly

Do competitor analysis cleverly

Among the most effective Search Engine Optimization strategies in 2019 to rank greater in SERPs is competition evaluation. In easy words, you need to inspect what your competitors have actually done to place for a keyword as well as do it far better than them.

7. Focus on local SEO optimization

Focus on local SEO optimization

One more modern-day Search Engine Optimization method has proven to function efficiently is concentrating on local SEO. In current times, ‘near me’ searches have actually increased since customers are constantly trying to find product and services that are near their geographical area.

You do not need to be selling something online to check out local Search Engine Optimization. The major objective is for users to locate their business. The users can conveniently discover your company when you include your calling information and directions on your website.

8. Conduct technical SEO audits

Conduct technical SEO audits

Till the time a website is not optimized properly, it can’t be ranked for any keyword. So, optimize factors like Meta title and description tags, paragraphs, headings, tables, images, and videos. Google ranks a website on the basis of more than 200 ranking factors.

You merely cannot rank for any keyword if your website is not effectively optimized for search engine. So, maximize the on-page factors i.e. Meta title and description tags, headings, paragraphs, tables, pictures, video clips. Google makes use of greater than 200 ranking elements to rate a web site. And, some of the most crucial ones are:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Add SSL
  • Internal Linking

9. Focus on content marketing & social branding

Focus on content marketing & social branding

Well, it is an evergreen Search Engine Optimization strategy of 2019. You require to work with your content strategy to boost the rankings of your website. Content and social promotion can be carried out in many methods. Let’s discuss social promo strategies.

  • Social promotion

The most effective way to advertise content on social media is via groups as well as communities. You will certainly require to create several ids to make sure that you do not get a ban on your activities due to prevalent promos. Now promote the content on social networks websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are a couple of few websites that provide a great deal of traffic in a short span of time. You can utilize Instagram and Snapchat. But these sites are only great for constructing brand awareness.

  • Content strategy & promotion

Create a blog section for your website and update it on a frequent basis. The more content you upload on the blog site, the greater it will take your website on the first page of SERPs.

This is where the content strategy plays an important role and also it would be good to create a content calendar and post content appropriately.

10. Improve the user experience

Focus on content marketing & social branding

If you desire your website to get more web traffic and also get higher search engine rankings, you need to ensure that it is user-friendly. When your website provides visitors with the experience they were expecting or much better; the site visitors have a tendency to invest even more time on your website, which can boost your internet search engine rankings. Google can measure the time spent by the user on the website.


Whether you are a website administrator or a digital marketing professional, now that 2019 is all over, these organic Search Engine Optimization strategies in 2019 are some of the very best methods to optimize Search Engine Optimization content for your websites. We have tried to make this Search Engine Optimization tips and techniques guide as detailed as possible, but in case if you want to recommend something after that add something in the comments section below. In case if you would like to learn these above mentioned top 10 SEO techniques, then you can enroll for SEO training institutes. They have the best SEO courses.

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