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2 Months

Python is a world class server side scripting language like PHP and being spread amongst the programmers, web developers, and data scientists rapidly. Python offers a powerful ground, simplicity in use, and complete object-oriented model, in result it has become the favourite scripting language for many large organizations such as Google, Yahoo, and IBM for application development, data science, machine learning, data analysis requirements etc.

In Python our expert establishes how to use Python to make well-designed scripts and hold up alive projects. This course covers from basics to advance of Python programming with a rich featured project to show in interviews and to know Python from the ground.

Eligibility to Join our Advanced Python Course

Although Python can be learned by anyone without any specific eligibility yet for the better results one must have good knowledge of web designing. Knowledge of any other server-side scripting such as PHP would be an added advantage.

Course Content of Python Programming Language

We teach basics to advanced level of Python in this course so that one can use it for websites, web apps, data science, and machine learning just after completion of this course.

Understanding prerequisites for Python

  • How Python is better than other server-side languages
  • What can be developed in Python

Setting Up Python

  • Installing Python 3
  • Exploring Python rapidly

General Syntax in Python

  • Creating a main script
  • Understanding white-space and commenting code in Python
  • Selecting code and values with conditionals
  • Creating and using functions and objects in Python

Exploring Variables, Objects, and Values

  • Understanding variables and objects in Python
  • Using numbers, strings, Boolean, lists, dictionaries etc
  • Datatypes in Python

Functions in Python

  • Defining functions
  • Using lists of arguments
  • Using named function arguments
  • Returning values from functions

Generator Function, Conditionals, and Expressions in Python

  • Selecting code with if and else conditional statements
  • Using the conditional expression in Python

Various Types of Loops in Python 

  • Creating loops with while and for
  • Enumerating iterators
  • Loop special statements such as break, continue, and else

Python Operators

  • What are the Operators?
  • Category of Operators
  • Understanding Operator Precedence
  • Using Operators

Python Strings and Regular Expressions

  • Accessing Values in String
  • Updating a String
  • Escape Characters
  • String Special Operators
  • String Formatting Operators
  • Triple Quotes
  • Built-in String Methods
  • Using the re module
  • Searching with regular expressions
  • Replacing with regular expressions

Handling Exceptions in Python

  • Learning how exceptions work
  • Handling exceptions in Python
  • Raising exceptions

Classes and Objects in Python - Object Oriented Python

  • Understanding classes and objects
  • Using methods and object data
  • Understanding inheritance
  • Applying polymorphism to classes
  • Understanding and Using generators and decorators

Containers in Python

  • What is the use of Containers
  • Creating sequences with tuples and lists
  • Operating on sequences with built-in methods
  • Organizing data with dictionaries

File I/O or File System

  • Opening files
  • Reading and writing text files
  • Reading and writing binary files
  • Reading directories
  • Creating an image gallery

Databases Connectivity in Python

  • Creating a database with SQLite 3 or MySQL
  • Creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting records
  • Creating a database object in Python

Modules in Python

  • Use of modules
  • Using standard library modules
  • Finding third-party modules
  • Creating a module

Debugging and Error Reporting in Python

  • Dealing with syntax errors, logical errors, and runtime errors
  • Using unit tests
  • Managing error reporting in Python

Building a Database Driven Application in Python

  • Planning Database
  • Planning a database application
  • Creating a data driven application in Python

Bonus: Using Python for Data Science and Machine Learning- An overview

  • Understanding use of Python in Data Science
  • Exploring Machine Learning with Python

Career Options: 

After completion of the advanced Python course you may get a quick pick from the industry as Python has a great scope and opportunities. You can work as a Python Developer in the web development, data science, and machine learning industry.

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Learning Methodology

  • Professional and eminent mentors with working experience on real-world industry applications
  • Quality training integrated with advanced technologies and follows well-structured course curriculum
  • Personalized training modes and one-on-one attention guaranteed
  • Access to free books by renowned authors in library
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Training Mode: 

  • Classroom
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    • Fast-Track (Course duration will be half as you attend 6-9 classes each 90 minutes in a week)
    • Weekends (Sat and Sun 3-4 classes each 120 minutes in a week)
  • Online (All above modes are available for online students too)
    • Regular (3 Classes each 90 minutes in a week)
    • Fast-Track (Course duration will be half as you attend 6 classes each 90 minutes in a week)
    • Weekends (Sat and Sun - 2 classes each 120 minutes in a week)

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