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Importance of Internship after Graphic Design Training in India

Ever wondered – Why people or students tend towards internship after graphic design training/course more often before joining a firm. When you are done with a professional graphic design training whether it was a long term diploma course or short term certificate program, you need proper practice and practical experience if your target is big. “The bigger the dreams are, the more hard work you need. It is no secret...

Future of Web Development in Next 5 Years

How will be the future of web development in next 5 years? Let’s see. 25 years ago, in 1995, India was introduced to the internet. It has been more than two and a half decades and today India has become the second country with the highest numbers of internet users. The Internet has become a basic necessity after food, water, air and shelter.  With the passage of time, development in...

What are the best data analytics courses available in India?

Ready to head towards the sexiest job of the 20th century?  Read the blog to get a summary of popular data analysis courses available in India. The world is expanding rapidly and in this age of technology, AI, numbers and information has become an indispensable part of our life. For businesses, customers act as a priority. Irrespective of the field, every business works for one goal that is gaining and...

Must have skills to become a data analyst in India

Are you interested in entering digital world of data? Stick to the given skills to become a data analyst in India. Emergence of Data A decade ago, when technology gained new momentum, data recorded an exponential growth and since then it has not slowed down. Whether a company is running over an online platform or managing their business through offline tools, data is an indispensable part of their business structure,...

How to use Pen tool for UI designing in Adobe Photoshop?

Get to know why is Pen tool the most favorite tool for UI designers in Adobe Photoshop.

New Features in PHP

This blog is a must read for all as you will get to know some of the amazing new features of PHP in 2021 that you will hardly get to know from anywhere. Do you ever wonder that who is the leading supporter of the websites’ backend? It’s PHP i.e. Preprocessor Hyper Text. It is considered by most of the web developers. It has huge support among the developers because...
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