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How to Install Brushes in Photoshop CC

In this blog we are going to explore that how can you install brushes in Photoshop. Many people who having being working with this software still don’t know how to do this, though it is not a hard nut to crack. Institutes which have experienced faculty such as those in ADMEC, now make it mandatory to tell students about this. Photoshop is a basic software that is taught to anyone...

How to Master the Art of Video Editing?

Videos are a perfect medium for conveying stories effortlessly. From images, clips to colors and music everything complement the video and draws large number of viewers towards your video. With the world changing so dynamically, every brand is opting for video marketing to reach a larger audience at once. With its ever-increasing demand, video editing has emerged out a popular career choice for coming generation. They are choosing it over...

Types of Rangoli Designs

With the diverse culture and traditions, India has never failed to amaze us. People with different ethnicity and backgrounds live together here, celebrating the fun moments together. Being a land full of such diversity, every festival is celebrated with equal joy and pleasure and one such popular festival is Diwali. And what's Diwali without Rangoli

A Day in Life of a Graphic Designer

Isn’t the word Graphic designing has always fascinated us? Don’t we always pretend How cool this job would be? Ever we wondered what keeps them charged and enlightened, aren’t they caffeinated art-savvy? Yes, actually there’s a lot to think about when it comes to a Graphic Designer, they are living beings to give vision to the visuals, makes things alive with their pleasing Art knowledge. They use their knowledge and vision to present the ideas as...

The Ultimate Guide to Create a Brand Logo Step by Step

On a daily basis, we encounter so many brands and what helps us to distinguish between different brands is their logo. The logo is the first thing that people encounter with. For most of us, logos act as an immediate medium of establishing a connection between the brand and the potential audience. From Adidas & Starbucks, every company takes great care of its logo as a logo creates the first...

Common HTML5 and CSS3 Interview Questions

Have to applied as a front-end-developer? or HTML5 and CSS3 expert? But do not know that from where you can prepare for the interview. So that you can crack it in first go. This blog will guide you through the overview of HTML as well as CSS and along with that it gives you the list of most popular questions that are asked in its interview. But before going through...
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