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Core Java Course

Training Mode: 

Online and Classroom


1½ Months

Today, Java is one of the most popular and secure general purpose programming language to develop applications for desktop, mobiles, tablets and rich featured high traffic websites. Java is everywhere from your TV remote to super computers and traffic signal to space centers. Some of the world's most popular websites which use Java are Facebook, Flipkart, LinkedIn, Amazon, ebay, google, IRCTC Indian Railway, Twitter (previously written in Ruby but due to scalability issues rewritten in Java), Google AdWords, Gmail, iTunes, Apple etc are few big names.

Eligibility to Join Core Java Course:

Students having basic knowledge of computer and C /C++language can easily learn Core Java without any specific eligibility. Complete knowledge of C language and C++ language is extra advantage for student.

Course Content of Core Java:

  1. Introduction of Java?
  2. History of Java
  3. Features of Java
  4. Types of Java Applications
    • Standalone Application
    • Web Application
    • Enterprise Application
    • Mobile Application
  5. Java first Program
  6. Program Internal
  7. How to set path?
  8. Introduction of JDK, JRE and JVM
  9. Internal Details of JVM
  10. Variable and Data Type
    • Types of Variable
      • local variable
      • Instance variable
      • static variable
    • Data Types in Java
      • primitive data types
      • non-primitive data types 
  11. Unicode System
  12. Operators
    • postfix
    • unary
    • multiplicative
    • additive
    • shift
    • relational
    • equality
    • bitwise AND
    • bitwise exclusive OR
    • bitwise inclusive OR
    • logical AND
    • logical OR
    • ternary
    • assignment 
  13. Control Statement
    • If
    • If -else
    • Nested If else
    • switch
  14. Loops
    • While
    • Do-while
    • For
    • Nested loops
    • Using break
    • Using continue
  15. Array
  16. Introduction of Java OOPs Concept
  17. Advantage of OOPs
  18. Object
  19. Class
  20. Inheritance
  21. Super Keyword
  22. Final Keyword
  23. Constructors
  24. Static Keyword
  25. Interface
  26. Polymorphism
  27. Abstract Class
  28. Package
  29. Encapsulation
  30. Exception Handling
  31. Multithreading
  32. The Applet Class
  33. Swing Introduction
  34. JDBC

Training Mode: 

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays
  • Online
  • Others

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Career Options: 

programmer, java developer, android developer

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