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Graphic Design Competition 2018

Design competitions give a chance to individuals to shine and showcase their talent and work which can be further featured in print and on the web. This was the first time when ADMEC organized such Competition on 16th March, which is a best platform for students to pitch their ideas. Such types of design contests impart the openings of the healthy competitions and encourage the participants to think out of box to create innovative and exceptional designs. The GDC poses a real-world challenge and demands so that teams of students use creative thinking while brainstorming and implementing those ideas to develop their designs using numerous design applications like CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

What is the Objective of Graphic Design Competition?

  • To assess students designing skills and how they implement their ideas to being to reality 
  • To implement Graphic Design industry trends taught by the mentors during training which can be beneficial at the time of job interview
  • It empowers students to think from various points or essentially 'out of the box thinking’ and helps in the group building process.

Graphic Design Competition Brief

The topic of GDC 2018 was “Origin of Language” and show the world how dialect was made to enable people to survive. Having the capacity to convey utilizing the power of language gave the human species a particular survival advantage.

Students were given the freedom to adapt their own design strategies which can showcase innovation and contemporary styles used in design technology.

For this year’s graphic design competition, we particularly encouraged that the following criteria need to be considered:

  • Does the design involvement address the topic given to them?
  • Designs created by the students are unique and innovative?
  • Were analysis, synthesis, design and estimation of project done properly?
  • Whether the project research illustrated the key ideas of the theme?
  • Was every single institutional rule was followed?
  • Do all team members make use of graphic design applications effectively to present their ideas?

Student Team Information

Four teams namely Team A, B, C and D were formed for GDC 2018 consisting of 11 students in each team.


Leader: Shreya Varshney Leader: Paras Varshney Leader: Paras Puri  Leader- Gaurav Saini
Anjali Garg Jagmohan Manish Sharma Nida Khaldy Jaglan
Vaishali Rohit Kokande Urvashi Yamini Verma
Kumar Gaurav Khurshed Alam Preeti Saini Deepak Guteea
Abhishek Pawan Yadav Vasu Gupta Rajni
Kunal Kukreja Kirti Nirama Preeti Maurya
Vishal Verma Farman Raza Saurav Rawat Ankit Singh
Shipra Mishra Varshikha Dhanee Ram Naveen Jaglan
Alisha Garg Tushar Jhadav Ritika Batra Yash Gupta
Gayatri Das Mansi Sumit Kumar Ajit Kumar
Priya Goel Sujit Kumar Vikas Rathi Jaideep
Amrita Panigrahi Alisha Jain HImanshu Thakur Bhumika

Preparation and Submission of the Design

Graphic Designs were submitted on the same day via soft copy of the designs by April, 2018. Students were given ----- hours for the preparation and submission of their designs.

Selection Process of Graphic Design Competition

Each team’s design submission will be reviewed by both academic and design specialists.

  • Design clarity and solution portraying the topic against the challenge.
  • Originality and Brilliance in the design quality.
  • Invention within the design process.
  • Clearness of extended abstract and additional material.

Judging Criteria:

  • Meeting designing objective
  • Strong and clear communique of key aspects related to design solution
  • Following right design approaches
  • Proper use of techniques and designing tools

Winning Teams Details

Winner Team: Team D

Congratulations to all the members and team leader of the winning team for showcasing immense creativity and brilliant performance.

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