New Batches 2017

Admec New Batches

ADMEC's Batch Schedule 2017

As the demand for print, mobile, TV, computer and laptops design professionals is increasing day by day and more and more students are opting these media courses to make their career in it. Although there are limited seats in every batch i.e. 5 so for student's convenience we have planned batch schedule.

Choosing a schedule that fits your needs will help you manage your time. We have developed a flexible schedule to meet your needs. We allow you to start your coursework when it fits your schedule.

At ADMEC we start 4-5 batches every month for various courses apart from 2 weekends batches (Saturday/ Sunday) for weekends students so that more students can join the ADMEC family. Below given is the schedule for our new batches. The Date mentioned in schedule is tentative date and under requirement it may be changed.

January 2017    
01st Batch 02-Jan-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 09-Jan-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 16-Jan-2017 Monday
04th Batch 23-Jan-2017 Monday





February 2017    
01st Batch 06-Feb-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 13-Feb-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 20-Feb-2017 Monday
04th Batch 27-Feb-2017 Monday





March 2017    
01st Batch 06-Mar-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 15-Mar-2017 Wednesday
03rd Batch 20-Mar-2017 Monday
04th Batch 27-Mar-2017 Monday





April 2017    
01st Batch 03-Apr-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 10-Apr-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 17-Apr-2017 Monday
04th Batch 24-Apr-2017 Monday





May 2017    
01st Batch 01-May-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 08-May-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 15-May-2017 Monday
04th Batch 22-May-2017 Monday





June 2017    
01st Batch 05-Jun-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 12-Jun-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 19-Jun-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 26-Jun-2017 Monday





July 2017    
01st Batch 03-Jul-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 10-Jul-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 17-Jul-2017 Monday
04th Batch 24-Jul-2017 Monday





August 2017    
01st Batch 07-Aug-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 14-Aug-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 21-Aug-2017 Monday
04th Batch 28-Aug-2017 Monday





September 2017    
01st Batch 04-Sep-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 11-Sep-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 18-Sep-2017 Monday
04th Batch 25-Sep-2017 Monday





October 2017    
01st Batch 02-Oct-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 09-Oct-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 16-Oct-2017 Monday
04th Batch 23-Oct-2017 Monday





November 2017    
01st Batch 06-Nov-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 13-Nov-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 20-Nov-2017 Monday
04th Batch 27-Nov-2017 Monday





December 2017    
01st Batch 04-Dec-2017 Monday
02nd Batch 11-Dec-2017 Monday
03rd Batch 18-Dec-2017 Monday
04th Batch 25-Dec-2017 Monday





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