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Multimedia in Different Fields



We all belong from that land which has an enormous number of varieties for everything. Whether you talk about religion, caste, food, festivals, dances, music etc… everywhere we have a wide variety. And this thing of our country has made us the way that we can not be satisfied with one thing. We want variety in everything. And when we won't get it we start feeling monotonous. Same is the case with the information and entertainment. There are many mediums of media in our country like radio, newspapers, television, films, theatre, internet, paintings, music and dance etc…

All these things not only compliment our culture but also educate us. Now a single medium of information is just not able to entertain a large number of audiences. Multimedia is used every where and in every field for every purpose. Almost all of the fields use it in any of the ways. If we talk about the marketing and management field, then there the professional's business executives have to give many presentation which can just be possible with the help of multimedia. The presentations may include their annual reports or some other business assignments.

Use of Multimedia in various Fields



In the field of advertising the multimedia plays a great and a vital role. As whatever it is whether print or electronic advertisement, they first are prepared on the computer tables by using professionals' software's and then it is brought in front of the ultimate audiences. Those software's are the birth of multimedia. In the area of advertisement multimedia plays a great role as it is the thing which is taking forward the advertising industry.

Education Sector



In the area of education also, the multimedia has a great importance. Talking particularly about the schools, the education of multimedia is very important for children also. Students from starting only are getting in touch with computers so that they can be friendlier with them in their later stages. At the advanced level of studies the knowledge of multimedia is in the form of various professional courses. These professional courses can be in the area of animation, designing etc…

Mass Media



And last but not the least it is used in the field of mass media i.e. journalism, there are many magazines and newspaper that are published periodically. The use of multimedia is also very much as in a publishing house there are many works of newspaper designing and other stuff also. And now days it's not only the text that we can see in the newspaper, but we can also see photographs in newspaper, this not only makes newspaper an example of multimedia but will also explains the worthiness of multimedia.

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